Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 8

When we woke up it was still dark but it appeared to be quite late in the morning something spooky was going just then I saw the clouds roll in and then stop abruptly W hat was happening.
“So what do you want to do today” I asked Micaela and Jayme as I put some eel into the gas burner. “well I want to see why the clouds were doing that” Jayme said, “Yes” Micaela agreed maybe we are trapped in some kind of force field” Micaela said laughing “Maybe” I said all serious.” We should try and fly and see how far we get” “Maybe that will prove your theory” Jayme said to Micaela.”
So after breakfast we hopped into our spaceship and started flying east we flew for about a k and then got pushed backwards. “I looked out the window but there was nothing there so we tried flying again but we just kept bouncing back. “We are trapped in a force field” I said. “I wonder if we could stick our heads through it” Micaela said.
So I tied some rope around my waist and handed the other end to Jayme “hold on tight” I ordered her as I stuck my head out. Surprisingly I eased through easily the world out there was all polluted all the trees were rotting, (the few that were there) and there was litter everywhere all the water was black with oil it was disgusting I could hardly breath. So I pulled my head back through. I t was good to have fresh air again.
Micaela and Jayme then had their turns they were disgusted as well. “Thank goodness we are in this bubble” Micaela said, Jayme and I nodded our heads in agreement. I glanced at my watch it was already 5.00 at night.
“Let’s go back and have a swim” I suggested To Jayme and Micaela. We hopped back into our spaceship and flew over to our beach. We went for as swim in our nice clean blue water and then dined on eel. Then we set up our beds in our tent and went to sleep for the night.

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