Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 11

“Guys” Jayme said as she gently shook me awake “guys” she repeated. “Why did you have to wake me up” I asked her groggily. “Because it is 10.00 in the morning she explained “and I cooked breakfast and its going cold”.
“So” Micaela said “what do you want to do today”, “nothing” I replied. “Let’s just spend the day on the beach”
So after breakfast we headed down to the southern beach and played there for the day, we had water fights and we just sunbathed but it was one of the best days so far. Later when we got bored we went back to the center of the island and cooked some eel.
That night when we were lying in bed we talked about our theories of the island. “The bird life I’ve seen is the bird life of at least 3000 years ago “I said. “There’s aliens, this island is completely sustainable and is no way a harm to the world” Micaela exclaimed” “and remember that force field thing we went through on the way here” Jayme said. “I think we’ve passed through an invisible force field into this sustainable island dome” I said “Being protected by aliens” Micaela pointed out ”Yes” Jayme agreed “But I think there is more” we all nodded. “We better get some sleep” Micaela said sleepily. ”G’night” We all said to each other.

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