Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 3

The next morning we awoke to the bright sunshine, We packed up our bags and then started our journey through the water towards the second island.

Most of the water was low enough to walk through but we did end up swimming a few meters, When we reached the shore we again found two trees and hung nylon string between them to hang up our cl0thing, We then set up our tent on the beach and set up our beds.

By then the time had reached 10:00 AM and Jayme was starting to complain that she was hungry so we cooked up some more eel for lunch and had a nice talk, In our bag We only had enough eel to last 2-3 more meals, "lets check our clothing" said Micaela, when we reached the two trees the sun had gotten to our clothing and the color was fading but it was dry.

After we had put on our clothing we decided to explore a bit. We were climbing p a hill when we found a cave in the side. We decided to go crawling in on our hands and knees. A few meters in Jayme decided she would wait and let Micaela and I carry on without her , So we left Jayme with our backpack and took our rope and torches and carried on.

All the crawling was starting to hurt our knees "We should check on Jayme" I said, we turned around, There was some kinda wall between us. I ran up screaming and started banging on the door it was rock solid and looked like some kind of water fall "We should carry on" Micaela said, so we carried once crawling until we got to two caves,, one going up an one going down "Where should we go: Micaela asked "Up" I said staring at Micaela "Ok lets go up" she replied. So we started crawling up After 110 meters of crawling we saw a light "lets head over there" Micaela said, so we crawled another 10 meters or so until we reached the light, It turned out to be a glowing room full of bright blue jewels "I wonder where Jayme is" I asked "Who care s about Jayme" Micaela said so we grabbed a handful of jewels each and started stuffing our pockets, The jewels were bright blue "I wonder what's Jayme's doing" Micaela said "I don’t know" I replied , Just then a funny rock thing came down fro the top of the roof, Jayme jumped off "Jayme" I yelled "Jewels" She yelled back, I looked the rock was rising again "Get on" I yelled , So we all jumped on and started rising up, When we got to the top we all jumped off and looked around, We were surrounded by a whole lot of hexagonal packed rocs "Look" Micaela said as e started down the mountain "Where were you" Micaela asked Jayme. "On this mountain" She said "aarrgghh" I screamed as I fell down a cave in the side of the mountain "Where'd you gaarrgghh" Micaela screamed as she followed me down. I stood up and looked around we were in a room full of rubies, I glanced at Micaela her face glowing “Jewels, let’s get some” Micaela screamed, Just then Jayme came down the cave entrance and slammed into Micaela “Ouch” they both said standing up.
We turned around and saw the door closing behind us. Jayme screamed “calm down” Micaela said “there’s a passageway over there” Jayme turned red in embarrassment, “Knew that” she replied. We started downwards towards the exit; it looked like a big down sloping cave.
We went through it and came out the other end to the bottom of the mountain “thank goodness” Jayme said, “I know” I agreed “lets head back to camp” Micaela said, so we headed back, as we were walking we came across another cave.
“let’s go in” Jayme said “I dunno” I hesitated, “Yea” Micaela seconded “we should go in, come on live a little” Jayme said, so we followed her into the cave after a few meters she chickened out so I swapped places with her and was now standing at the front.
At the end of the cave was a room full of emeralds, we stuffed our pockets full and turned around to find out the door had shut, “mamma mia” Jayme said, ”There’s a passageway” I exclaimed pointing towards an exit “let’s go” Jayme said.
We started walking down the passage, when we came out the other end we had reached the place where we had first left our backpack “oh my goodness “ Micaela gasped “let’s set up a tent here and go to sleep” .We set up a tent, cooked some eel, ate our dinner and went to sleep.

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