Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 2

The next morning Jayme woke us up reminding us that we had to start our adventure, "what’s for breakfast" Micaela asked "Muesli bars and water" said Jayme. We got out of bed and packed up our belongings and our tent and started our trek down the beach.

After a while we reached a stream through the middle of the island. There were giant black things sitting in the bottom "What are those things" I asked " I dunno" Micaela replied as she grabbed a stick and poked it "they're dead” Jayme added "I think they're eels she said " "Lets cut them up and take some for food" Micaela said "that’s a good idea" I said handing the knife to Jayme so she could cut one up and then wrap them in our rubbish bags.

After that we carried on walking, It looked about 2:00 so we walked west a few more meters and set up camp for the night.

Across the water we could see the secondary island, "What are we going to do tomorrow" asked Jayme, after a long discussion we decided we would swim over to the little island and camp there for a few nights.

After a dinner of eel on the gas burner we settled down and went to sleep.

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