Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 5

I woke up to the sound of cooking eel, “Breakfast” Dilshen chirped, a hopeful look in his eye. “What do you want I asked him suspiciously, “My group” He said breaking down into a fit of sobs, just then Micaela walked out of the tent, “Don’t worry” She said “We’ll take you after breakfast” “Thank-you” Dilshen replied happily. We settled down and ate breakfast and then hopped into our spaceship and located Dilshen’s group.
“Goodbye Dilshen” We all yelled as he slipped back down through the tube “Goodbye” He wave back happily. After we had made sure Dilshen had found his group we headed over to the smaller mountain to do some hiking.
We started up the mountain and on the way stopped various times to admire the animals, the flowers and the views. When we finally reached the bottom the time had just gone 4.00 “I wanna go for a swim” Jayme moaned “Yea” Micaela agreed, so we flew over to the beach by our camping spot.
“I’m going to swim on the other side of the island.”I informed Jayme and Micaela “Me too” Micaela seconded “Me three” Jayme added.
We went for a nice peaceful swim around the island and then came back to our camping spot, where I cooked some eel “I’m Tired” Jayme said through a yawn, “Me too” Micaela and I said in unison.
We settled down on the sand and drifted into a long sleep.

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