Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 13

In the morning we woke up with no appetite at all so we skipped breakfast and went for as swim around the island.
“Hey you guys” I said “it’s our last day on the island, we’re going home tomorrow” I said excitedly “I don’t feel very well and I really need a decent shower and some new clothes” Micaela started moaning.
“Hey” Jayme said a smile lighting her face” why don’t we go home today” “Yes” Micaela and I screamed in excitement “In fact” Jayme said “Let’s go right now” “Yes let’s” Micaela said.
“First we needed to have a look around the island quickly just one last time” I said as I started walking. We started walking west we saw the birdlife e and all the trees and the flowers and we took in everything we saw.
As we reached the spaceship we got in and started belting up, I was driving “Ready” I asked Jayme and Micaela “Yes” The replied. So we started flying up and up and up. After a while we reached the force field thing again and everything went black but luckily this time we had safety belts on but it was still as scary as ever.
Suddenly we came out of the force field and started going down, a few minutes later we splashed into the water about a meter off the sand.
“I looked up to see all our parents waiting for us. Somehow we had lost a day. I stood up and ran towards my parents to give them a hug. Jayme and Micaela did the same.
“Mum, Dad” We all said embracing them in a giant hug “You’ll never guess what happened”....

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