Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 6

We all awoke, I glanced to Jayme “aarrgghh” I screamed as I looked into her eyes, She had 1 brown eye and 1 green eye, “oh my gosh” what happened to your eyes” I screamed “What happened to your eyes” Micaela screamed back “we’ve been mutated” we all screamed in unison.
We all had different eyes one of each other’s...”What do we do” Micaela asked “I dunno” I replied as we turned around to look for Jayme . “Oh my gosh” I screamed a s I turned around to find a two headed alien with a strange resemblance to Jayme. “Guys it’s me” the alien said in a funny voice. “Jayme” she added.
“What happened...” I started until I realized that my voice sounded funny as well. “What’s happening to us” yelled Micaela, an alien as well.
“What do we do” I asked “I don’t know” Jayme and Micaela said together. “Let’s go find someone who can help” said Micaela “Like Dilshen” I replied “let’s go fly over the island and find him” Jayme said.
So we all got into the spaceship turned it on and flew after a few hours of searching we discovered Dilshen collecting firewood in the forest. We zapped him up through the tube in the bottom of our spaceship.
“Who are you” Dilshen screamed “Jayme Jess and Micaela” we all said, “oh ok” Dilshen replied in relief “let’s go to the lake” I said “Yeah” Jayme agreed darkly. After about ½ an hour we reached the; lake.
“No” Dilshen screamed as the robotic arm from the bottom of our ship dunked him into the lake, when we pulled him back he looked like us.
“No” Dilshen continued screaming as we flew back to our camping space. When we got back we cooked some eel and divided it between the four of us and went to sleep.

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  1. Crikey! You better do something about that mutating problem...