Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 4

I shook Jayme and Micaela awake “don’t” Jayme said “I want to sleep” “No” Micaela exclaimed “Let’s go explore” “Fine” Jayme grumbled so we got up and cooked some eel and went exploring.
“Let’s go up the mountain” I said to Jayme and Micaela “yes lets” Micaela replied. So we started a hike up the mountain. When we reached the top we realised we were surrounded by pyramids of hexagonally packaged rocks “I have an idea” Jayme said “let’s see if we can pull them apart.” “That’s a good idea” Micaela replied.
We all found our own little stacks of rocks and started pulling them apart. “hey look’ I said to Jayme and Micaela there’s a chamber down there. “Let’s go explore it” Jayme said.
So we all jumped down into the chamber “look there’s a sign on the wall’ Micaela said “I’m gonna touch it” she said “no” we screamed at her as she reached for the symbol, nothing happened “see” Micaela said. ” look” Jayme exclaimed pointing to the opposite wall “it’s the same symbol” I said looking to the other wall there were the same symbols on all three of the walls.
“on three lets all touch the symbols” Micaela Said ”123” we all touched the symbols and all three walls started melting in to the ground.
Jayme screamed as she tripped and fell on the little stump of the wall I looked around it was the same scenario as before “let’s touch the symbol again” Micaela said “123” again we got the same result. This happened twice more until we got to the last chamber which held a spaceship.
By now the time had reached about 1.00 “let’s go explore this contraption” Micaela said. So we all hopped in the spaceship and started pressing the buttons nothing happened “I wonder why it isn’t working” I said “the switch is not on” Jayme said as we all burst into laughter “I’m bored” Micaela said “me too” I agreed “do you wanna sleep in here” I said “yes “ Jayme and Micaela cheered “I’ll get out the gas burner” Jayme exclaimed “yeah I’ll go get some eel” I said “and ill press buttons” Jayme said.
We set up the gas burner and cooked some eel. After tea we compromised our spaces in the spaceship and had a long peaceful sleep.

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