Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 10

I awoke to the bright sunshine, this morning I cooked breakfast.
After breakfast we had a conversation about what to do today “I’m going for a swim” I informed Jayme and Micaela. “We’ll join you” they both said enthusiastically.
“Lets go to the big island and take a walk” Micaela suggested “Yea” I agreed getting up of the sand. We got all our bags ready and swam over to the larger island and started walking to the west.
On our hike we saw beautiful birdlife and even a few moa through the trees, we saw rare trees gorgeous flowers and bushes we even saw a few groups collecting wood in the forests.
After our walk we swam back to the little island and lay down on the beach: I’m gonna have a nap” Jayme said “Me too” Micaela agreed “Me three” I added. We all lay down and started chatting. “That was a really beautiful walk” Micaela said “Yes, and there was some really rare birds” I added “And the trees they were really interesting” Jayme added as we all fell asleep.
When we woke it was 5.30 PM so Jayme cooked some eel and divided it and then we lay down on the beach and did some watching of the clouds around the force field, I’m not sure when but we all fell asleep.

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