Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 7

That morning we woke to find ourselves human again. “So what do you want to do today?”Micaela asked lets go search for a cure to mutantness” I said. “Yeah” agreed Dilshen “It isn’t really my cup of tea”. “Where should we start looking” Micaela said “maybe the radioactive lake” Jayme suggested with a questioning tome in her voice “Yes” we all screamed in delight “let’s go”.
So we all hopped in the spaceship and flew over to the radioactive lake “Right who’s going to jump first” I asked. Everyone was looking at me “Fine” I said as I tied a piece of rope to my waist and the other end to the handlebar of the spaceship and jumped into the lake. The water was a strange misty bubble gum pink color but I continued swimming anyway.
Soon after I heard three more splashes, Jayme, Micaela and Dilshen had all followed me. I glanced towards the bottom there was a strange looking alien in the bottom. So I swam down towards it when I reached the bottom it turned out there was no alien there. I stopped swimming and looked around I had just realized that I could breath and I had been under at least 20 minutes. “What happened to me” I thought to myself, I must be some kind of mutant. But I put that thought aside and continued swimming downwards there was some kind of vile in the bottom .
There was a glowing liquid in it “I must reach it” I thought as I stuck out my hand and grabbed the bottle. I felt a strange tingling sensation running through my body and r4eliased I was floating towards the surface.
When I reached the surface I looked up and saw the three others staring at me expectantly. “I found something” I said passing them the bottle. “Who’s gonna try it first” Dilshen said as I noticed they were all mutants as well.

“She found it” Micaela said thrusting the bottle into my hands, “OK” I said taking a gulp of the strange formula “I started shaking and then stopped abruptly and I looked down, I was human!!!!
I passed the liquid to Jayme the same thing started happening again and again.
“lets head back to the beach” Jayme said, I glanced to my watch it was already 6.00 PM. “That took along time” I said.
We got into our spaceship and headed back to our island. We cooked up some eel and had a little chat. “Tomorrow can I go back to my group” Dilshen asked, we all nodded sleepily and then fell asleep on the sand.

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